Saturday, August 6, 2011

A very , very Half Birthday to you!

Pierce is 6 months old!!! Holy cow a half a year old. How did this happen?!?! He is so great!! He's been more interactive and makes noises ALL THE TIME!!! He loves to try and talk. He even laughs!!! I love it!! He's loving eating foods and hasn't eaten anything yet that he didn't like.

Can you believe the look he gave me?!?!
He is definitely getting bigger! (love the hands in the pockets!)
He cuddles with is bear every night when he goes to bed.
Pierce loves sweet potatoes!
Our early morning nap.
I found him half under the couch the other day. He found some stuff under there too. I need to start babyproofing!!!
Here is a video of Pierce laughing!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Josh turned 30!!

Josh hit the big 3-0!! We had to have a get together to celebrate. We normally have a big luau for both of our birthdays since we are a week apart but with him having such a monumental day, we figured it should just be his day. We had so many wonderful friends and family that came in from out of town to celebrate with us!!! Of course he still wanted it all to be hawaiian theme for the teriyaki burgers. Josh had a great day. He was surprised when 2 of his best friends showed up in the middle of the night! The next morning, they all played golf together.
Definitely to best decor piece was made by Joseph, one of Josh's best friends. It was Josh's face and his face put on the bodies of the guys from Chips!!! Josh totally fits Eric Estrada!!!! Hahaha!
Yummy luau food! I made a 30 out of photos of Josh growing up. Everyone liked to see them. It's so funny how much Pierce looks just like his daddy!!
Party Favors!!! 30 rocks and 30 sucks!
Josh's only drink that he orders when we go out to eat. It's ginger ale with some pineapple juice and a lime wedge. It's really tasty. We had to have everyone try it.
It was so nice that Tyler and Rodney (and Heidi!) came up for Josh's birthday!
The birthday boy opening his presents! (I made the birthday hats too with a collage of photos of Josh growing up)

A video of Rodney and Tyler surprising Josh


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We have a 5 month old!!

I can not believe how fast time is flying!!!! Pierce is getting so big and everything about him is changing so fast!! He is finally sleeping through the night and even taking more regular naps!!! Yay for mommy!!! Here are some pics of him throught out the last month.

He is so expressive!
Simply Irresistible!!!
He's rolling over all the time now.
He eats his feet now.
He loves his activity jumper! That was his last day with the Wii Balance board under it. He was too short for a little while but not anymore!
First time eating real food!! Bananas!!! He loved them. It was so funny to watch him try to eat them!
How can you not love that face?!?!?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Father's day Josh!! Pierce and I were so excited to celebrate Father's Day with Daddy! We made him his favorite breakfast in bed and gave him his favorite chocolates! Pierce also gave daddy the electric razor that he wanted. Now he can cuddle with Pierce more and he won't make funny faces.

Pierce tried to eat the bag.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Florida for T's Graduation

We went to Florida to meet all of my family for Tara's high school graduation. It was Pierce's first time on a plane. He did so well! It was a bigger challenge carrying all the baby accessories through the whole airport. Pierce had a couple firsts while we were in Florida.

Pierce was ready to go on his first vacation
Josh and I went out on our first date since we had Pierce! Of course we splurged and went to Emril's Restaurant and visited Mikey. Yummy banana cream pie!!
First time at the beach for Pierce. He went in the water too!! He didn't like that too much though.
First time in a pool!!
Grandma and Grandpa bought Pierce this cute canoe. He lounged in it for a while.
These 3 crazies went skydiving!!!!
First pair of Mickey Mouse Ears!!
Getting ready for T's graduation. Pierce even had a onesie on to cheer Auntie T on!
Tara spoke during her graduation ceremony!! She is so awesome!
The Fam. So sad we couldn't make it for the whole ceremony with the little guy.

Pierce is 4 Months old!

He is such a good boy. He's had some firsts! First plane ride and vacation. First time to Florida, but I'm sure it isn't even close to being the last. Maybe even this year. Haha! Here are some pics of the little guy. I hope I don't bore you too much with all my pictures. More on our trip in another post!

He is so serious all the time!
He's starting to like his tummy time now!!
Watching TV when he has toys all around him
Rocking out in his sleep
Playing with Big Papa
He is so cool in his shades.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's been way too long!!

So, we haven't posted anything in almost a year!! Wow, this year has been pretty crazy! I was pregnant and already had our little guy in February! So much to post about! I'll catch you up on all the details. So much to look froward too!! Here is a sneak peak of the little guy! This is one of my favorite pics! He is about 3 weeks old here. Josh took the picture!! Isn't he great!!

Check back at older posts from after Josh's Birthday. I had a lot of them written before and just never was able to add the pictures. Now that we have our new computer, I can!!!